Derbyshire Dread Maker

I am super excited that I now have a supplier of 100% ethical human hair extensions for making my dreadlocks / dread extensions and so can source these on your behalf for your dreadlock extensions style. Up until now I have had a process which involved the clients sourcing and supplying their preferred choice and colour of human hair, and sending it to me prior to the appointment for pre-making of the extensions. This worked well and acted as a holding deposit of sorts. While it is still totally fine if you prefer to supply your own extension hair, I like to facilitate ethical buying wherever possible, so I’m pleased to say that I can now match and order ethically sourced hair on your behalf as part of my dreadlock extensions service. The cost of the hair will be payable upfront and is in addition to the cost of the work I’ll be doing. Please get in touch if you are looking for beautiful dreads you can feel good about 🙂