Wool Dreads

The term wool dreads encompasses a few different products, including:

  • Standard Felt Dreads,
  • Yarn Braids,
  • Yarn Wraps,
  • Deco Dreads

All of my standard wool dread sets include some of my leaf and twist decorative details (unless requested otherwise) as I like to give a bit of an extra touch to them. They can be removed and re-installed if desired. Yarn dreads and Yarn wraps can either be made using yarn you have got which you would like installing, or more commonly yarn that I have sourced. In some cases I have also hand spun my own yarns from different materials to give the desired effect. I also have a lot of yarn and felt dreads in stock for those that just want a few added to an existing style. For Deco Dreads, see their page in the gallery. For more info on this service have a read through the FAQ page, or get in touch. Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge and use arrows to flip through the pictures. Feel free to comment below…