Dreadlocks Prices

This is just a rough guide for prices, obviously it can vary a lot depending on what you are getting done. These prices all apply for a full head of dreads (so if you have/want a mohawk or half a head of dreads then prices will be adjusted accordingly). If you can’t see a price for the thing you are interested in then please contact me for a quote either through this website or at info@rosielocks.com.

I now require deductible cash deposits to be paid in advance for jobs where I have to do a lot of work in advance or buy wool/yarn etc. In the cases where human hair has been bought by the customer this can count as a non-deductible deposit of sorts once it’s been sent, as it discourages no-shows on the part of the customer (note: the prices given for the jobs do not include the price of the hair, as stated below. This is payable by the client directly to the hair supplier when they buy the hair).

(Please note: prices may change and may not always be updated immediately, so if you need a confirmation please ask)


Full tidy –        £50

Roots only –     £30 – £40

Mega Tidy Up* – £60+

*Mega Tidy Up: Basically, if you have very new dreads that have not been tightened properly, or maybe your hair  is all matting into one dread at the scalp, and a lot of work is required to separate them, or you have reached that point in life when people have started to mistake you for a walking hedge and are attempting to prune you, or if your hair is very very thick and your head is bigger than a large pumpkin, then this may apply to you! Please contact me to arrange one. Mega Tidies take 2.5+ hours…


Natural Dreads:

(For people with thicker hair add £10 to price)

Short (above shoulders) –      £90

Medium (shoulder length) –  £100

Long (mid back) –                    £120

Very Long –                               £130

With rounded tips – + £15


Permanent Dread Extensions:

(Not including the cost of the hair)

Medium (shoulder length) –  £200

Long (mid back) –                    £250

Extra long (lower back)-        £300

                                                      Extra long (lower back) requiring double join –     £350

                                                                               (for people with shorter hair)

With rounded tips – + £15


Temporary Dread Extensions:

Wool Dreads:

Medium – £130

Long – £150

Yarn Braids:

Medium – £150

Long – £200


Price of dreading your hair, plus £50


Deco Dreads:

All Deco Dreads are individually priced and can also be made to order…


Install of Synthetic or Felt Dreads:

(if you supply your own dreads)

£1 per Dread