Firstly, please be reassured that I am taking every possible measure to protect my clients against COVID-19. I am using hospital grade disinfectant to clean my studio, chair and equipment, wearing PPE myself to prevent spreading infection, and providing a seperate hand towel for anyone who needs to use my bathroom. I will also (needless to say) not be working with clients if I feel unwell or think I may have been exposed to COVID-19.

I also need all clients to comply with my safety policies which are listed below. These policies will be in place as long as COVID-19 is still an issue. As I will be in close contact with many clients every week, and clients may be entering my home to use facilities, it is very important to minimise the combined risk that this brings. This is a risk to myself, my other clients and my family. So I ask that all clients strictly adhere to these policies if attending an appointment with me.

Please do not attend your appointment if you feel unwell or have been around someone who may have COVID-19. If you contact me any time prior to the appointment I will be happy to reschedule you for a later date.

Please make sure your hair and/or dreads are washed and dried before the appointment, as hair has been shown in studies to play a role in spreading this infection. After this, ideally try to avoid any crowded areas before the appointment where your hair may pick up droplets/particles (or keep hair covered if you do need to call at a busy place en route).

Please turn up to your appointment at the correct time as this will allow me to clean and sterilise my space and equipment between appointments, for the protection of all clients. If you turn up early I may still be preparing the space after my previous client; if you turn up late then your appointment may overrun which will make it more difficult to clean everything properly after you leave. When planning and scheduling your appointment we will need to be clear about what you are needing so that I can schedule a suitable time slot accordingly.

Please do not bring anyone else with you, I will only allow one client at once in my workspace. 

Please make a note of my phone number 07512 552960. When you arrive please give me a ring – I will come to meet you and bring you round to my studio.

I will need to you to use hand sanitiser upon entering my studio. I will also ask you to hang up any coats or outer wear before starting the appointment.

For the protection of myself and clients, I will be wearing a visor and mask. You will need to bring your own mask and not remove it during the appointment. If you do not bring one, I have a limited supply here so can provide a spare one for a £2 charge.

I won’t be able to supply any refreshments for you so please bring your own if you think you’ll need something.

Weather permitting I will opt to work outside, I have a small gazebo shelter but please make sure you bring sun screen if needed, and a jumper if you are liable to get chilly sitting there. If it is too hot, cold, wet or windy to work outside comfortably for either of us then we will do the appointment inside the studio.

Payment – I am still happy to accept cash, I will have a box for you to deposit the cash into so I don’t handle it.

IMPORTANT bathroom hygeine – as I do not have a seperate toilet for my studio, the only available toilet is in my family bathroom in my home. Although I feel a bit awkward spelling it out, toilets are one of the places thought to be key in spreading the infection. Because I will potentially have lots of members of the public coming into my house to use the bathroom I will need everyone to stick to some very strict rules in order to protect my family:

You must remove your shoes/coat and sanitise your hands again before entering my house. 

After you use the toilet, you must remember to close the toilet lid before flushing it. 

Please ensure you wash your hands thoroughly. I’ll be supplying a freshly cleaned towel for each client to use so no danger of cross contamination.

Please refrain from touching anything unnecessarily within my house/bathroom.

I’ll give you a reminder of these rules if you do need to use the toilet, and bring you into the house myself. If there’s anything you are unsure about and need clarification, please ask. It’s a weird time for all of us and we are all learning how to move forward, and small businesses such as mine (which is just me basically!) are finding our feet and trying to work out the best ways to open again safely.
Thank you for your cooperation ♥️