One option is synthetic hair. This is the most economical option. For a full head of extensions you will need 2 packs of good quality realistic synthetic hair weft (this is the mid-range price option) or 2-3 packs of kanekalon hair for the very cheap option, I would recommend a couple of packs of jumbo broad from Cyberlox Shop who have a great colour selection. See my Synthetic Crochet Dreads gallery for examples of these dreads.

You can also use human hair. if you’re getting a full head of dreads I recommend getting 2 packs of human hair weft. One supplier I know of is an online company called Afro Care, and here is a link to some hair you could use that´s on their website:

This is a suggestion of what kind of hair you can get but you can also get hair more cheaply on Ebay, although it’s important to make sure packs bought from here have enough hair per pack, I’d recommend 2 x 90g packs.

There are usually hair shops in big cities as well where you can go in person to look at the colour of the hair you’re buying if this is a concern for you. There’s Paul’s Hair World in Manchester or Hot Hair who have stores in Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham.

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