There are two main options of hair that we’d normally use for Permanent extensions – human hair or synthetic hair.

Human hair is the most popular option.

  • Pros: It looks and feels more realistic, texturally it blends better with your hair at the joins so gives a smoother join, behaves in a way more similar to your own hair when locking up, less plastic pollution. Overall a more successful look if you want your extensions to look like your own hair
  • Cons: It is more expensive than synthetic, there are fewer colour options (for instance with brighter colours) and there is the ethical question of using human hair. I can supply you hair which is ethically sourced, but with hair you buy from a lot of places this can’t be guaranteed. 

Synthetic can so be used however:

  • Pros: it’s cheaper than human hair, comes in a huge range of funky or natural shades, comes in very long lengths. Also you can have temporary synthetic dreads which can be installed as permanent dreads afterwards.
  • Doesn’t look/feel quite as natural a human hair, is made from plastic fibres (so depends on your policy with buying plastic), blends and locks up a bit differently to your own hair (although will still go through a ‘maturing’ process just like human hair locks) 

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