DON´T PANIC. I have been through this one, having caught them off my little nephew a few years back. I was gutted, and tried several shop-bought remedies, only to discover that I would need to buy several bottles of the stuff to cover my hair, as dreads are very absorbent. Shop-bought remedies also require combing, which obviously you can´t do. Finally what helped me was a very cheap and effective solution I found online. I soaked my hair in a sink filled with ordinary white vinegar with a teaspoon of cayenne pepper. I then put a plastic bag and a towel on it and left it as long as I could stand it. I repeated this on day 7, and day 11, as this works most effectively with their breeding cycle and ensures you get anything that has hatched late (ugh, I know…). You might smell like a chippy for a couple of days but it should be worth it. Disclaimer: I can’t guarantee this will work for very severe infestations but it certainly worked for me!

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