I can do the dreads to any thickness your hair will allow, and any length (with Extensions if necessary). However, although they will be tight immediately, your dreads will still be new or baby dreads. Dreads take time to mature, and ones that you have seen probably look so cool because they have been grown over time. Also, you have to be realistic about what I can do with the hair I am given to start with, so for example I can´t produce a thick lion´s mane of locks from just a few little strands if you are somewhat follicley challenged. I will however make sure you are more than happy with the dreads you have straight away as I will do them in a way which suits your face and hair type. Browse my Dreadlocks and Permanent Dread Extensions galleries to see what kind of thing you would like to start off with. Once you´ve got them, maturing can take from 6 months to a year, in which time they will develop their own unique personality.

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