Well, this depends whether you want to go for permanent or temporary dreads. You have 2 basic options, both of which require a minimum length of 3 inches of your own hair: 

  • Permanent Dread Extensions – this involves you making an appointment, then I’d pre-make some extensions ready for the appointment . You then come to have your hair dreaded, and I’d attach the extensions onto the ends of your own dreaded hair. This is my preferred method rather than attaching a permanent extension from the roots because this creates an artificial thickness to your own dreads which can’t be removed, which will become apparent when your hair grows and the real thickness can be seen. It also means that the extensions are more easily removed should you decide that you want to lose them once your own dreads become the desired length. I can source the hair for you; when you book the appointment you would need to send me a clear, well-lit (daylight) photo of your hair colour so I can colour-match your hair. I only use hair that is 100% ethically sourced. I would need you to send a deposit to cover my outlay for buying the hair prior to the appointment. The cost of the work can be paid on the day. You are also welcome to supply your own hair if you prefe, I can advise you on what to buy. 
  • Temporary dread extensions are braided into your hair, and can last up to 3 months. If you’re wanting them in a shade similar to your natural hair then you’d need to send me a well-lit photo showing your natural colour. You would need to pay a deposit to cover the cost of materials. They can be made from a wide range of materials, including Wool Dreads, Synthetic Crocheted Dreads, Yarn Braids, Wraps, Deco Dreads

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