Well, it´s hard to answer this precisely as it depends on a few factors, like how easily your hair locks up, how often you wash it, and what your own personal standards of neatness are (some people like them immaculate, some like a bit of fluff for a more natural look). I would recommend getting a tidy up session within a few months of getting hair dreaded, or sooner if you are concerned, although some people do not need to come back for a long time. Permanent Dread Extensions should be checked to make sure the joins are staying strong, and if there are any concerns contact me. I can give you tips on maintenance and show you how to use the crochet hook, so this helps you take care of your own dreads a bit, meaning you might not need to book a maintenance session for a long while. I do warn against over-maintaining your dreads, as this stops the natural development of the dreads and in some cases can cause weakness.

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