Friends/parents: yes, if you feel more comfortable with someone there or need a lift off someone to get here then by all means bring them with you and they will be made as welcome as you are.

Babies/children are fine to bring too, but please bear in mind that my studio does have stuff in it that isn’t that child-friendly and I won’t be held responsible for any thing that they might get themselves into 😂 my own little one will sit in there sometimes if I have no childcare but sometimes gets bored of videos and gets a bit too interested in stuff, if your little one is similar then someone will have to supervise. At the end of the day you can judge if you child is able to sit through the appointment or not so I will leave it up to your discretion.

Please let me know if you are bringing a baby or child and you think you may need a bit of extra time factoring in to the appointment to tend to them, I’m happy to accommodate.

Dogs are also welcome too as long as they’re toilet trained, as my studio is away from the cats. Your dog will need to be kept on its lead in the garden though as my cats will probably be about. 

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