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Hey, well I’ve had a pretty busy week, at the beginning of the week I dreaded Malcolm’s hair, see the black and white images on Dreadlocks gallery. He had one of the most insanely thick heads of hair I’ve worked with, but after 6 hours and around 70 dreads we got through it, the images were posted on Facebook by Malcolm and look really professional, thanks Malcolm. 🙂
Then I had a mutual tidy up day with the lovely Jess Mental, images of that are going to be posted on Facebook. Then I had a few tidy ups going on for the next couple of days.
On friday I got to do an amazingly colourful set of wool dreads on Leanne, with some additional Deco Dread Bobbly dreads. I took a lot of pics of that one, had to be pretty selective to narrow down what was going on the website. They look beautiful though and really suit her, see the very colourful dreads at the start of the Wool Dreads gallery.
Also in there are some pictures of a long term customer Cat who’s dreads I started a couple of years or so ago, in the pictures she is getting married and wearing a set of my handmade wool dreads, which go great with her red dress and the whole effect is stunning.
Then there were some pinky purple and blonde dreads I made for Nat, loving the mix of colours on this one and the cheeky rainbow Deco Dreads which I just had to throw in as I thought they’d go so well.
Anyhow, that’s some of my most recent work, there will be more to come every week or so, so keep checking if you want so see more dread styles!  xxx

I have just linked the site up to my twitter account so hopefully this post will also appear there!


So finally the new website is sorted, apart from a few minor things we need to tweek. So grateful to my boyfriend Sean who has worked day and night on this for the last few weeks, I owe you one hun xxx Pretty excited as it’s looking really good and is so easy to update. Keep checking for new pictures which will be going on here regularly from now on. Big dready love xxx